Experiences of New Yorkers in the wild.

Just added! Bringing home baby
We picked our shelter dog within an hour, it took us months to bring her home.
Why this vegetarian sometimes eats wild boar
Being a vegetarian proves to be quite difficult in Italy.
Coffee Mania
Moving from Brooklyn, NYC to Italy meant a giant leap forward coffee wise. But not for me.
Bébert. A love story.
We were very happy when we moved from Brooklyn, New York to Italy. Our tomcat Bébert would finally run free. But not in the way we expected.
A tale of five kitties
They left a box with kittens in the road to die. And then we found them.
To plant a tree
Removing one single tree from your garden can be a live-changing experience.
The quest through the night
We were looking forward to our first date with our Italian neighbors, but almost never made it to their house.
The axe murderer in the night
We just settled in our new home, and then someone rang our doorbell in the middle of the night.