E-biking in Umbria

Biking in Umbria truly is a great experience. Spring or early autumn are perfect seasons to hop on your bike and explore the rolling hills of Umbria. Riding off-road is safer and more relaxing than venturing out on roads with cars, and you get to enjoy the landscape much better. Best not to plan in July or August, because it will be far too hot. We at Bacio del Lupo can provide you with (electric) mountain bikes from our local and trusted bike shop partner and share our insights about great bike tours in our region for family or groups. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Guided tours
Did you know you can bike all the way from Assisi to Rome on the ancient Roman road Via Amerina? In Todi  only 5 miles from our villa, you can also join the Via Amerina in the direction of Rome, where you will pass Etruscan tombs and Roman excavations. There are some beautiful tours with experienced guides that we can help you sign up for. Local guides are organizing guided tours every year. In 2018: From Todi to Amelia on June 3rd and to Rome in October.
Also check Tuderbike.com for more info about guides and rental bikes.

Biking Umbria Todi Tuderbike.com
Bike tours from Todi (Umbria) to Rome and Amelia




The pictures below are all taken during a bike tour in october 2017 from Todi to Rome via Ameria and Nepi. More info about the Via Amerina

Biking from Todi to Rome
Water of Nepi. From here we went on to Rome.
Have drinks in small towns (visite guidate in Umbria su bici)
Roman acquaduct in Nepi
Steep track (più facile su una bici elettrica)
Via Amerina flanked by Etruscan catacombs
Arriving in Rome by bike
Backdrop: Villa Il Bacio del Lupo